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    Jujube dryer

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    Jujube dryer

            The jujube dryer, in as much as possible to preserve the quality of the original jujube, is to do the process of evaporate the internal moisture and transferring the sugar. Jujube or palm date has rich sugar, and among these sugar, there is polysaccharide. And this polysaccharide has no sweet, and it must be under the action of enzymes to be turned into monosaccharide to become sweet. And this it the reason why red jujube is sweetenned after maturation. While, if we want the sugar fully transferred, we need to enhance the activity of enzynes. And now we find a way to realize it and the best temperature for sugar transferring in our palm date drying machine is about 60 degree.

    Jujube dryer

    The palm date drying process:
            1. Preheating: When drying, if the palm date or jujube goes into the right transferring temperture chamber, the big temperature difference will make the epidermis cell hole of jujube shrinking, and then crusting and hardening, to prevent the internal moisture evaporating. So it needs preheating fully before drying, and heating step by step. 35℃ keep 6-10 hours, and when the palm date dryer reach 45℃, to keep this temperature for 7-8 hours. When the palm date reach 45-48℃, the surface of date will have small water droplets.
            2. Evaporation: Make the innertal moisture of jujube evaporated, and at this time, we must raise the temperature of palm date drying machine up to 65℃ within 8-12 hours, avoiding more than 70℃, to evaporate water. Pay attention to dehumidification, and keep the indoor temperature not big difference in order to constant evaporation. It will be normal drying action when the jujube surface wrinkle.
            3. Dry: when the temperature of jujube is uniform, we can finish this stage of work within 6 hours. Because of the jujube moisture is not much, so we need to notice the temperature control. The temperature should not be too much, shold better be 50. And the relative humidity will be down at this time, and if humidity is more than 60%, we can hydrofuge slightly. As the palm date moisture gradually balance, we get the purpose.
            4. Cooling: after drying, it is cooling stage. The dried palm dates are in high temperature, and we and lower the tempeture of chamber to cool these dried palm dates. If stack the dried palm dates without cooling, the sugar in the dates will be easy to ferment, and then the jujube will be broken down.

    Jujube dryer

    The features of palm date dryer:
            1. Easy installation and demolition, small covering space, and can be installed in the indoor or outdoor.
            2. High efficiency and energy saving. Our jujube drying machine can absorb much heat source from the air, and its electric consumtion is just 1/3-1/4 of other heater. And compared with coal dryer, gas fuel dryer, and the old type dryer, our jujube dryer can save 75% operation cost.
            3. No pollution and environmental protection. Our palm date drying equipment, no any combustion or emissions, completely meet the food hygienic standard, is a kind of sustainable development and environmental friendly drying equipment.
            4. Running safely and reliably. Compared with the traditional drying equipments (coal dryer, gas fuel dryer, or other elctric heater), our palm date dryer will never has the risks of flammability, explosive, toxic, short circuit, etc. And it is a absolutely safe and reliable closed drying device.
            5. Long using life and low maintenance cost. Our jujube drying equipment is developped from the traditional drying machine, so our this new type date drying machine has mature technology, stable performance, reliable and long lifetime.
            6. Comportable, convenient, and high automatic and intelligent.
            7. Wide application and not affected by weather. Our palm date drying machinecan be widely used in food, chamical, pharmaceutical, paper, leather, wood, agricultural and sideline products, etc.

    If you are interested in our products , please send inquiry to our email:Alisa@lantianmachine.com

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