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    Blueberry Dryer

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    Blueberry Dryer

    Blueberry dryer:
            Blueberry fruits contain rich nutrients that can prevent brain aging, protect eyesight, make heart strong, soften blood vessels, and strengthen the body’s immune function. The dried blueberry will has long storage time, and the application will be wide. But dry blueberry is not easy, it needs precision drying equipment to make the nutrient kept. Lantian blueberry dryer machine is using heat pump principle to improve the energy conversion efficiency, to improve the drying efficiency greatly.
            Blueberry drying equipment is researched and developped from the traditional drying furnaces, avoiding the disadvantages of old drying method. It is not only not affected by the weather, also has short drying time, precise controlling system for temperature and moisture. Our blueberry drying machine is an intelligent, automatic drying equipment, free labor managing when drying process.
    Our blueberry dryer can efficiently solve the problems of discoloration, going bad, cracking, uneven moisture and pollution in mango drying process, to make the dried mango full, good color and gloss.

    Blueberry Dryer

    The working principle:
            The blueberry dryer machine, through compressor, drive the heat transferring medium to absorb the heat from the outside environment. And then through heat exchanging device to release the heat into the drying chamber, and through hot air circulation system to dry the materials.

    Blueberry Dryer

    The structure:
            1. The heat pump heating unit.
            2. The drying chamber unit.
            3. Hot air circulating unit.
            4. Automatic dehumidifying unit.
            5. Intelligent control unit.

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