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    Banana Chips Dryer

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    Banana Chips Dryer

    Materials condition:
            Banana chips sold in the market is taking the ripe bananas to be sliced to chips, and then dried for easy storage and consumption. The ripe bananas cannot continue to be storaged or transported, then we dry the banana slices to snacks, not only can reduce economic losses caused by rotting, also can adjust market and increase their income. Banana chips drying method, we usually adopt hot air drying processing method.

    Banana Chips Dryer

    Introduction of banana chips dryer:
            The banana chips dryer from Gongyi Lantian Machanical Plant is new type of dryer, which is innovated from old type chamber dryer. Our banana drying machine bring the air source, heat source and new energy technology to the field of drying. So far, it is the most advanced and highest energy-efficiency drying equipment all over the world. And our this banana drying equipment has advantages of safty, stability, high energy efficient, environment protection, 24 hours of a day working, etc., and it will take the place of old traditional drying technology at this stage of tension energy suppling.

    Banana Chips Dryer

    How to dry banana chips:
            1. Choose ripe bananas
            2. Peel bananas
            3. Slice the bananas to thin chips
            4. Use sulphur to fumigate the chips for 20-30 minutes in the airtight room. And every 100kg banana chips will cost 2kg sulphur.
            5. Dry the banana chips for 18-20 hours under 65-70℃, and make final chips to better 16-17% moisture.
            6. Cover the dried banana chips and set aside them for 24 hours at room temperature.
            7. Packaged the finished banana chips by PE film bags or other bags.
            8. Store the banana chips for at least half year under room temperature, keeping the same color, aroma and tastes.

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